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Eyecare encompasses everything you do to care for your vision. From your eye examination through to finding the perfect frames and lenses for clear, comfortable vision, we will take the time to ensure that all aspects of your eyecare are expertly looked after.

Throughout our lives our eyesight is constantly changing and it is important that any changes to the condition of your eyes or any problems can be identified and the correct remedy be found.

With years of experience we try to build long term relationships with our clients so we can look after their eyesight requirements as they change throughout their lives.

Did you know that half of all adults suffered from at least one eye care problem during 2012?

Tired eyes were the most common eye care complaint followed by hay fever and sore eyes. Also, 20 million Brits risk avoidable sight loss because they fail to have regular sight tests. and one in ten British adults have NEVER had an eye examination. Not only that, but 85% admit to having problems with their vision.
[source: The Eyecare Trust]

In a recent Eyecare Trust survey, 69% of practitioners reported that they regularly saw patients with some form of eye infection.

The same survey amongst optometrists highlighted how patients presenting with AMD, glaucoma and dry eye had all risen significantly over recent years.

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It is very important to have your child’s eyes examined from an early age, because any problems can be picked up and rectified before they get worse.

There are many aspects of vision that affect a child’s ability to respond to a teachers instruction. It is well known that shortsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism can result in blurred vision or eyestrain, relating to poor performance in the classroom.

A child who has eyesight problems may have difficulty from day one. These difficulties might manifest themselves as problems with reading, writing, mathematics, spelling, thinking, sports, playground activities and even social relationships with their siblings and peers.

By carrying out an examination we can assess for colour vision and assist with visual problems including dyslexia. It is also important that the child have UV protection from an early age.

It is very important to have young people’s eyes examined as they go through their formative years because many problems can be identified and rectified before they get worse.

By carrying out an eye examination we can assess any problems including dyslexia. We will then help choose the most appropriate solution, this could be contact lenses for certain sports activities (or for cosmetic reasons), or a wide range of spectacles including the latest designer ranges.

These are available for every person up to the age of 19 and in full time education.

As we progress through life it is important to realise that our eyesight changes and in a lot of instances we don’t even notice these changes. Conditions can often include Myopia (shortsightedness) or Hyperopia (farsightedness) and can result in eyestrain while working on computers, driving or enjoying sporting activities.

It is very important to have regular eye examinations so that any problems can be identified at an early stage and the correct remedy found. Plus you may find that you need different eyewear for certain activities such as driving, reading and certain sports such as swimming, skiing and racket sports.

It could be that contact lenses offer the best solution and we can supply all the latest types including daily, fortnightly or monthly disposable lenses, gas permeable and lenses for astigmatism. We even offer coloured and recreational lenses, which are great for social activities and clubbing.

Make sure you enjoy your lifestyle to the full by having regular eye examinations – we stock the latest designer frames to ensure that you look your best whatever you do, wherever you go.

For the majority of people, as they get older their eyesight begins to deteriorate, sometimes without them being aware of it. A lot of people will find that even carrying out simple tasks like reading and driving become more difficult. Good eye health is essential for everyone and it’s important to choose an Optician who is experienced and can offer the correct advice.

At Ridings Opticians we can carry out a thorough eye examination so any problems can be identified and the correct remedy can be found. We offer retinal photography and retinal scanning which allow a more detailed check for conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, age related macular degeneration and other conditions.

It may well be that reading glasses are the solution or varifocals/bifocals, which ensure that you can see clearly over different distances. Some people may require different spectacles for different activities such as driving or sports.

We also offer a comprehensive contact lens service including daily, fortnightly or monthly disposable lenses.

As people get older they need to ensure that their eye health becomes a priority. Having the wrong glasses can affect day-to-day life and can even be dangerous for certain activities such as driving (especially at night) or walking when it can be easy to miss a kerb or other hazards. Some people may have bifocals when it may be better to have different prescriptions for close up and distances purposes – this can avoid potential trips or falls.

At Ridings Opticians we have experienced Optometrists who can carry out a thorough eye examination and provide the correct remedy to ensure you get the very most out of life.

It is important to have regular eye examinations so any symptoms can be identified at an early stage. We now offer retinal photography, which is an advanced new method of checking for such conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, age related macular degeneration and other conditions. A permanent record can be kept and early detection of any problems can be made by comparing year on year.

We stock a comprehensive range of spectacles plus a range of options including anti-reflection coatings which are very beneficial for night driving.

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