Sports Varifocals


At Ridings Opticians we are proud to offer Varilux ‘Sport’ Lenses

Golf glasses

Many standard varifocal lenses are not fully suitable for sport as they restrict distance and dynamic vision. Resulting from Essilor’s long-standing expertise on vision science, Varilux Sport answers the specific visual requirements of this highly demanding activity.

Patient benefits:

Patients will be able to enjoy practising their sport with the suitable visual correction:

  • Best dynamic vision, no swim effect
  • Wide areas of clear vision for outdoor activities, giving sharp vision of targets
  • Natural inclination of head and gaze when looking downwards
  • Easy and quick access to the near vision area, ideal for occasional use

Sport Solution Tints


Today, around a third of our leisure activities involve the great outdoors, from walking to the more extreme sports.

When practising sport, 80% of the information we collect comes from our eyes.

Many sport require quick reactions which rely on perfect vision, so the right choice of visual equipment is essential Essilor is well aware of these needs and changing lifestyles and has developed Sports SOL-utions.


Essilor’s Sports SOL-utions tints all comply with European standards regarding road signals. They filter out blue light without distorting the perception of colour and the wearer won’ experience any loss of information of visual fatigue.

By filtering blue light, visual contrast is improved and visual acuity is increased.


Some sporting activities are carried out in conditions where reflected light on horizontal surfaces reduces visual comfort and can even become a hazard. Polarising filters have been used to improve visual comfort whenever glare is a problem.


To benefit from a 25% discount off Varilux Sport and Sports Solutions patients need to quote SPORT25 when they visit the practice.

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